Sunday Afternoons was born out of a love of spending time outdoors with family—in any kind of weather. Increasingly, the places we love are at risk from climate change, and the weather patterns we thought we knew are shifting fast. That’s why we are tackling climate change head on.

We’re proud to announce that today we are officially Climate Neutral Certified.

Climate Neutral Certification supports our heartfelt commitment to decrease our footprint across our business. We spent the last year working with Climate Neutral, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. We measured our carbon footprint by calculating the greenhouse gas emissions it takes to manufacture, warehouse, and ship our products worldwide, as well as the total impact of our operations. Going forward, we will offset those emissions by investing in climate change solutions. Through our carbon offset program, we have purchased credits in the Hong Phong 4 Solar Plant in Vietnam to offset 4,905 tonnes (metric tons) of greenhouse gas emissions this year. Our goal is to reduce our entire carbon footprint by 30% by 2030.

Climate change requires immediate action. There isn’t a minute to waste when it comes to removing climate-changing emissions from our global economy. If every company were to measure, offset, and reduce emissions right now, we could get ahead of the problem.

Look for the Climate Neutral Certified label when you shop, and support companies taking immediate action on climate change. Let’s solve this together.

Warm regards,

Sarah Sameh